Although it’s been a challenge some days, we’ve all been looking for ways to stay fit during lockdown. Lots of people are eager to get back to the gym, and there are other classes such as Judo, Muay Thai or boxing training Melbourne has on offer here at Senshi. Staying active is an excellent way to counteract any stress or anxiety you might be feeling and boxing in particular is known to be a great stress-reliever. 

Even though we look forward to welcoming our members back to our academy when we can, luckily you can try out boxing from the comfort of our own home. As a beginner, you can even do boxing workouts using just your own bodyweight, no equipment required. There are many benefits to boxing and other types of martial arts workouts, including sculpting various muscle groups, building strength and burning calories.

If you’re a total beginner, get yourself familiar with the basic moves (we’re talking jab, hook, uppercut and cross). As well as giving yourself with enough space to exercise, pick a pumping playlist and be prepared to sweat. 

Warm-up (5-10 minutes): 

Start with a full body stretch to prepare your muscles and joints. Our top warm-ups to get you prepped for a boxing workout are: jump rope, jog in place, jumping jacks.

Exercise 1 –  Boxer Push-up (10 reps, 2 rounds):

Start in a plank position, core engaged, hands directly below shoulders. Lower body until chest is a few inches above the ground. Press your body up halfway, then lower back down. Press all the way back up to full plank, and that’s one rep. A modification for if it’s too difficult is to drop your knees to the ground.

Exercise 2 – Double Jab, Cross, Jab, Cover (10 reps per side, 2 rounds):

Stand with your right foot forward, arms in a “guard” position. Throw a double jab with your right arm. Then, throw a left cross punch before repeating a single jab on the right. Quickly “cover” whilst twisting your upper body and bring your right elbow towards your belly button. Rapidly reverse to the left, and then again to the right. Return to start, and that’s one rep.

Exercise 3 – Boxer Bicycle Crunches (20 reps, 2 rounds):

This is almost exactly like a classic bicycle crunch, except your arms stay in tight in guard position.

Exercise 4 – Jab, Cross, Jab, Bob and Weave (10 reps per side, 2 rounds):

Stand with your right foot forward, arms in a “guard” position. Throw a right jab, followed by a left cross, and then another right jab. Finish this move by bringing your arms back to guard, and then swiftly bob and weave from left to right by lowering your body into a squat. When in the squat, circle your body from the back to front, as if you were tracing a U shape with your upper body. Return to start and that’s one rep. Switch sides.

Exercise 5 – Jab, Cross, Hook, Bob and Weave (10 reps per side, 2 rounds):

This is exactly like the above exercise, except you swap out the second jab for the hook. 

Exercise 6 – Jab, Cross, Uppercut and Cover (10 reps per side, 2 rounds):

The last punch for you to incorporate into this exercise routine is the uppercut. Stand with your right foot forward, arms in guard position. Throw a right jab, a left cross punch, followed by a right uppercut. Rapidly cover by swinging your upper body and elbows to your left, right and then left again (it helps if you count). Return to start and that’s one rep. Switch sides.

Finisher (5-10 mins):

Jumping rope is also great for your warm down as well as stretches. Try and aim for around the 200 mark. This exercise is not only great for helping your muscles to warm down but can also help you develop your boxing footwork.