Muay Thai has become quite popular over the last decade around the globe. It is a challenging sport and a good form of exercise. Thankfully, the sport has grown so immensely that you are no longer restricted to finding a Muay Thai Melbourne CBD gym. You can join a training program if you wish to be a professional, want to achieve your fitness goals, or just want to do it for fun. Muay Thai training involves eight limbs as weapons resulting in various techniques to learn. It is considered complex, brutal, and a dangerous sport, yet when practiced with safety gear on in a controlled environment, it provides immense physical and mental health benefits with minimum risk.  Are you confused about taking up Muay Thai? Here are some of its benefits that will make you wish you had taken it up earlier!


Walking alone at night can be threatening for anyone. If you happen to be unarmed, any stranger can harm you. Muay Thai training teaches you defence tactics that might come in handy during such situations. It includes the consistent use of a pair of fists, knees, elbows, and shins. It can help you compete by being mentally present and quickly responding to an attack. According to the professionals, you can make solid self-defence habits through Muay Thai in just six months.

Stress Reliever:

Health care professionals say if you exercise regularly, your body begins to produce mood-elevating hormones. Exercising consistently is linked to your body’s stress hormones, and keeping up with it will provide physical fitness and improve your mental well-being. Sweating during Muay Thai training can ultimately lead to relaxation in the end. It also helps improve your body’s metabolism, and leaves you in good spirits.

Cardiovascular Wellness:

Muay Thai is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. You practice running, skipping, and shadowboxing. You also practice anaerobic exercises like punching, elbowing, and kicking. It places a good amount of stress on your cardiopulmonary system. Aerobic activities enhance the overall performance of the cardiovascular system. Your body is continuously put through stress, and this kind of training helps your cardiovascular fitness immensely.

Fitness and Fun:

Do you get bored following the same old exercise routines? Then Muay Thai training is for you. Getting yourself enrolled in a Muay Thai training program will no doubt help you achieve your fitness goals and have heaps of fun along the way. Running on the same treadmill or going to the gym and lifting the same old weights can bore you. Muay Thai offers a different combination of various techniques and exercises each class, so it isn’t repetitive. When there is variety in the training to keep you interested, you are more likely to stay committed.

Muay Thai Training is not an ordinary martial art. It is a complete mind and body workout that can provide immense health rewards. Senshi Academy is your one stop destination for Muay Thai training. If you’re considering Muay Thai, now is the time to jump right in.