Judo is a wonderful sport for children!

Judo is a physically demanding sport and requires a great deal of cooperative work. By its very nature it builds confidence in the body and in relationships given the emphasis on self-control, respect and care for the partner.

We provide a fun program that uses games, drills and exercises to develop our youngsters Agility, Balance, Coordination and Confidence. As their skills and fitness progress, we move them forward through our grading syllabus.

Feedback from parents has told us that the children seem to improve their ability to concentrate not only on the mat but in other aspects of their lives. The quick pace of the junior classes and focus on positive reinforcement brings out the best in students.

Judo is more than a sport, the lessons learned are transferable to situations away from the Gym (dojo) and we often use elements of Judo as a metaphor for bigger life lessons.