Whether it’s your first time practising martial arts or you’re a hardcore veteran, everyone should know or at least have a basic understanding of the rules and etiquette in a martial arts gym, and how to respect the space and those around you. Some of these rules might be unspoken, and for the most part it will come down to common sense, but there are some people out there who just won’t get it. Don’t let yourself be one of them! When you’re training in martial arts Melbourne wide, you should be able to focus on your technique and practice rather than being distracted by the conduct of others. Below, we’ll list some advice and tips as a guide for etiquette in the martial arts gym.


The importance of hygiene in a public space shared with others is essential, especially given the current pandemic. So, whether you are wearing clean gear or keeping your nails short, practising basic hygiene is crucial when you’re training. Show your training partner some courtesy by doing so, and they’ll extend the same courtesy to you. Tie hair you back, brush your teeth, shower, wear deodorant and all the rest of it – no excuses!

Respect Your Instructor

There is a reason why your instructor is leading the class. They have more often than not been training much longer than anybody else and are there to share what they have learned over the years. Show them respect and acknowledge what they are teaching. Make sure you always ask for their permission if you are planning on turning up late, leaving early, or even having a water break. They will be factoring all these things into their class, so make sure that you keep them updated on what you are doing.

Look After Training Buddies

As well as taking care of yourself when training, it’s just important to take care of your training partners. Looking out for each other is an important part of any martial arts practice, as we will be nothing without the support of our peers.


As we mentioned earlier, if you’re unable to be on time for a class, make sure you give your instructor a heads up. Don’t make a habit of being late, as this doesn’t look good for your credibility and will also impact others in the class. In fact, we would even go so far as to suggest turning up early for class or training so that you have enough time to get prepped before you start.


Although this should be a no-brainer, if you’re not feeling well or you know that you’re sick, skip your class and stay home to rest. It might feel like you want to push through, and you’ll feel better once you’re training, but nobody wants to be sick and you don’t want to run the risk of passing on whatever you have to your training partners or others at the gym. If you’re feeling up to it, watch some tutorials or do some reading at home, as this is a good opportunity to still think about your practice but without actually physically being in the gym.


It might seem like the perfect opportunity to catch up with your training buddies, one of the worst ways that you can disrespect your instructor is by talking while they’re teaching. You won’t be learning, and you can potentially miss out on some really important information regarding techniques and training. You can save your socialising for after class instead.


Be considerate of one another’s space and always be aware of your surroundings. Try to keep your distance from other people practising in the gym, and if you do bump into somebody by accident, apologise and move to another space.

Hopefully this list will give you a baseline of what is expected and what is expected of you when you are attending a training or practice session at a martial arts gym. Now that you have an idea of the basic rules and etiquette, you can go ahead and do the most important thing, which is have fun!