Seen as a rather daunting sport to enter, the ancient martial art of Muay Thai is over hundreds of years old and famous for its tremendous power and efficiency. But don’t let this throw you off, with this form of martial arts being one of the most well-known and practised styles in the world, there are a number of basic centres for Muay Thai training Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and all over Australia. Offering up the chance to learn and discover the secrets of this amazing sport.

Referred to as the ‘Art of Eight Limbs’, Muay Thai blends a beautiful symphony of kicks, punches, knees japs, and elbows into its fighting method, mixing these moves together to create a stunning display of fluidity and grace.

The History of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, with the translation of the title literally being ‘Thai Boxing’. A similar style of fighting to kickboxing, but with clinching, knee, and elbow strikes all allowed in Muay Thai. Its roots stem from the ancient Thai martial arts system, known as Muay Boran. Which is a system of combat that was created for self-defence and military fighting. However, after the demand for fighting neighbouring territories subsided, this fighting style was used for competitive sport, with the 20th century making the martial arts system adapt into a modern sport. Implementing boxing rings, gloves, and other protective equipment to help keep fighters safe and professional.

Why you should choose Muay Thai

If you are keen to learn the art of striking, Muay Thai is hands-down the best way to go, known for having the ultimate striking system out there. You will not just learn how to aim and kick correctly but discover a set of eight limbs you may not have realised you had. Using all your joints and edges including your knees, elbows, fists, and feet to strike fiercely for the ultimate blow. In addition, Muay fighters are famous for their ability in clinching, a term that involves stand up grabbling, where one fighter will throw their opponent to the ground with shocking speed and force.

The Fundamentals of Muay Thai

The Footwork

Footwork is the name of the game in Muay Thai, with great footwork making a great Muay fighter. Establishing up the correct foundation with the exact foot placement and angle to continually keep balance. Letting fighters switch positions and angles rapidly, while also taking hits without falling out of place.

The Guarding

Protecting yourself from the constant hits of your opponent is vital, with Muay Thai’s basic pose being gloves touching the forehead to protect the face. The term ‘pack the box’ refers to this constant technique, helping fighters remember the importance of guarding, as after every strike, a fighter must place their hands back into the box pose. Even if you aren’t a strong striker, a strong guard can help you defeat your adversary’s constant attacks.

The Twisting

Muay Thai is all about balance, control, speed, and defence. Muay Thai’s unique style implements twists into their fighting rather than leaning. Helping them create more power and retain their position rather than losing their balance by overextending.

The Breathing

Breathing is just as important as the kicks and blocks you do during a Muay Thai fight. Fighters who do not control their breathing typically tire quicker, and usually do have as much force when striking their opponents. Exhaling forcefully in rhythm with your punches and kicks, with the Muay Thai fighters even loud moaning or crying during their breathing process.

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