At Senshi Academy, we offer classes in Boxing, Judo and Muay Thai Melbourne wide, and it often surprises new students that martial arts isn’t all about brute force, but has emotional and even spiritual elements.

In fact, at Senshi, we often talk about discovering the warrior within. Traditional martial arts emphasises inner tranquility and peace just as much as physical strength and speed.

At Senshi, we offer Judo, which translates as “the gentle way”. The Judoka mindset is famous for being balanced and ready for anything.

Calming and focusing the mind is everything in martial arts, which is why taking classes like Judo and Muay Thai can help you overcome fears, become more focused, patient and resilient as a person.

While we help you develop the mindset of a warrior on the mat, you can help develop your inner strength outside class by picking up one of these classic martial arts books guaranteed to be an awesome weekend read.

1. The Warrior Within by Bruce Lee

If you’re going to start anywhere with martial arts literature, then there’s nowhere better to start than the writings of Bruce Lee.

In case you didn’t know, Bruce Lee was a Chinese American martial artist, actor, director, martial arts instructor and philosopher. In his book, The Warrior Within, Lee shares valuable wisdom on everything from how to perfect your morning routine to managing your energy.

Lee encourages readers to go within to find their own inner strength and peace. Anyone looking to develop themselves mentally as well as physically will enjoy reading the thoughts of this master. It’s so popular you can even listen to it on Audible.

2. It’s a Powerful Life by Shifu Ahles

If you’re looking for a training approach that has already helped hundreds of martial arts students get into the best shape ever, then we recommend It’s a Powerful Life by Shifu Ahles.

In his book, master teacher Ahles provides a clear and compelling guide to how to train, increase confidence, and reach your goals.

Central to Ahles’ philosophy is cultivating calm, focus and self-awareness to enrich your everyday life. This is the book to help you address stress and self doubt.

3. Why We Fight by Josh Rosenblatt

If you want to learn about the physical, psychological and philosophical journey behind an MMA fighter then Why We Fight by Josh Rosenblatt is going to appeal to you.

Follow Rosenblatt’s journey from a thirty something out-of-shape hedonist to a man prepared to fight and push himself to the limit.

By ruminating on the nature of fighting itself, Rosenblatt unpacks some necessary truths about our psyches and how we can change things around to reach our personal best.

In Rosenblatt’s own words: “Anyone with guts or madness in him can get hit by someone who knows how; it takes a different kind of madness, a more persistent kind, to stick around long enough to be one of the people who does the knowing.”

4. MUAY by Master Lee

If you want to read up on and develop a home conditioning program then jump into MUAY by Master Lee.

This book walks you through ancient exercise postures designed to improve flexibility, mental agility, and vitality. These postures are the real thing and just as valuable for professionals as they are for complete beginners.

We think the most important thing about this book is that it can help you break down your mental and physical limitations.

It also includes directions on nine lethal and easy to learn self-defence strikes. Just saying.

5. Mental Combat by Phil Pierce

Mental Combat by Phil Pierce is the missing link between developing a powerful martial arts mindset and applying that strength in the office.

This is a martial-arts flavoured sports psychology book packed with techniques and secrets that will revolutionise your life.

For example, in this book you will learn things like how to “psych-out” an opponent, how to spot an opponent’s personality type (and use it against them), and proven “mind hacks” for instant confidence.