One of the oldest sports in the world is boxing, and it’s an incredible way to work your whole body, strengthening your muscles from head to toe. So, if you’ve recently started boxing training Melbourne-wide and want to know what you should be preparing for in your training, keep reading.


About 99% of boxers out there run daily; it’s a staple form of exercise for almost all sports. Surprisingly it isn’t just about the physical aspect but the mental battle your mind goes through and runs over long periods or high intensities. Running helps build mental toughness. When you set a goal for the number of kms you want to run, you have to push yourself to get through. Running also helps to improve your sense of endurance, to make sure that your body can keep up with the goals that your mind is trying to reach—teaching your body to bring oxygen to your muscles and keeps you in the game longer.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is a classic exercise used in all boxing movie training montages. This simple piece of equipment helps you to work on your footwork and pivot through a fight. Forcing you to be able to stay light and fast on your toes, which is a must in boxing.


Shadowboxing is another exercise you’ll see thrown into a classic training montage. It’s an exercise that can help you to learn the proper habits and techniques. When shadowboxing, you always want to make sure that you’re throwing to the best of your abilities; sloppy or half-hearted punches will mean you’re learning the bad habits. You’ll also want to make sure you’re moving your head and your feet at all times. Take rounds off of throwing punches and just focus on footwork and head movement.

Shadowboxing will help you to recognise the right reflexes in your form. Improving your coordination and allowing you to throw punches that won’t leave you off balance but still have enough power to knock your opponent out.

Heavy Bag Work

Heavy bag work can help improve many aspects of your physical strength, from stamina, coordination, speed, and range to developing power; bag work can improve all of these areas. In every boxing workout, you can expect to work the heavy bag, practising your combos, and working on perfecting your mix of power, speed, and the form of your punches.

Strength Training

All boxing classes have some form of strength training incorporated into the workout. A fighter’s body has to not only be able to dish out a beating but take one as well. Strength training is essential because it will make your muscles, bones, and joints more robust, allowing you to improve the quality of your workouts.

Boxing is an excellent way to get your blood flowing and heart pumping. It will work out your entire body, from your heart to your lungs, to your shoulders to your legs. So if you want to get your body moving and sweating, contact us today to sign up for our  boxing and martial arts classes.