So you want to improve your fitness but don’t know where to start? Why not consider boxing classes in Thomastown?

Choosing the best way to exercise can be pretty daunting as there are a lot of ways to get in shape, with varying levels of difficulty, technical requirements and endurance requirements. Some fitness regimens require very little equipment like running, whereas sports like skiing require quite a lot of gear and therefore have a cost attached to getting involved.

One sport that often goes unnoticed is boxing. While boxing has many high profile celebrities enthusiasts, like Floyd Mayweather or Anthony Joshua, it is not a sport that you can just start doing on your own. On the upside, the gear required is affordable and minimal and no prior experience is required, so it’s open to anyone! Here we break down why you should give boxing a go. 

  1. Ultimate fitness. Boxing will vastly improve your cardiovascular fitness. Boxing training Melbourne wide is unlike anything else out there. Boxing differs from other sports in that boxers work in short explosive bursts, meaning you work all the energy systems and the body has to adapt to generate power quickly, while other forms of fitness like football or basketball  will only work the aerobic system.
  2. Improved physique. Boxing will help you obtain lean and defined muscles and it will tone and condition the whole body. Punching power comes from the legs upward, therefore leg and core work are a big part of training. Sprints, shuttle runs and leg exercises are all part of a boxer’s conditioning to build the explosive power needed to throw those big swings. As boxing is both aerobic and anaerobic it’s going to help get you fit and you’re  going to get stronger and leaner.
  3. Positive mental health. Boxing is amazing for helping your mental health, something we’ve seen first hand here at Senshi. If you find yourself struggling with low mood, stress or anxiety, know that boxing instantly changes your mind set by bringing your attention back to the present moment through the focus on technique. Boxing can lift your mood and take your mind off negativity, help you focus on self-improvement and help raise your potential. 
  4. Lower stress levels. Who could argue that punching something is a fantastic form of stress relief? When we are stressed our nervous system releases adrenaline and cortisol to help us get us out of danger by running or fighting. These days most of our stress is compartmentalised and we have no way of utilising those stress hormones, however, boxing is one incredible outlet. 
  5. Self Defense. The most obvious reason to start boxing is self defense. Who doesn’t want to be able to defend themselves? Other martial arts require taking your opponent to the ground, which isn’t as helpful when facing multiple attackers. Boxing is face forward and on your feet, similar to street situations. 

If these reasons don’t push you to try boxing, why not come down and talk to some of our clients who have taken up boxing and now love it? Our team is ready to get you into the best shape possible and boxing is the best way to do that. Start boxing with us at Senshi Academy in Thomastown today.