Looking for a new hobby for your little one? Martial arts might be the answer! Starting them young with a strong mind and a fit body is the perfect way to assist your child in their development. With a range of different types of martial arts, there is no denying the benefits that martial arts offers to adults and children. Boasting endless gains that transfer into other aspects of your youngster’s life, from fitness to mental strength, martial arts might be the perfect fit! With boxing training Melbourne based, Senshi’s classes create a connection of mind and body through fitness, conflict-resolution, respect and so much more.


Building motor skills at all ages is integral in the development of your child. Offering fitness in a controlled environment, martial arts enhance your little one’s control and coordination, giving them a feel of their body in space. Reflexes are developed through intricate movements, while muscle strength is built through balance and control. With composed movements, martial arts also boost the control of dexterity. Best of all, it gets them up and active, perfect for burning energy!


Martial arts has so much to teach your child in terms of their mental development and mental wellbeing. Sometimes home life can be a bit chaotic and disorganised, resulting in your child feeling a bit all over the place. Structure is important for your child to feel safe. Providing them with a routine by attending class is a great way to do this. Classes are methodical and are positive on the mental wellbeing of your little one.

Teaching your youngster the importance of respect to their teacher translates into all walks of life, including school. Learning to respect and listen to people is a great skill to teach your child during their development. This also assists in enhancing their focus, which also aids in schoolwork and the like.

Although martial arts is a physical contact sport, there are many peaceful aspects that are learnt through this art. The importance of conflict-resolution is taught through peaceful and non-violent skills, with methods in how to work out issues and avoid physical altercations.

Teamwork, Making Friends & Having Fun

Probably the most important part of putting your child into a sport is that they will enjoy it! Martial arts encourages belonging, teamwork, self esteem and confidence! With classes for all ages, Senshi is the perfect place for your child to thrive!


For little ones aged three to four, Senshi’s Samurai classes start your little one on the right track. Teaching students the importance of teamwork, how to roll, fall safely, and the basic skills of Judo, this six-week program is a great introduction to begin building strength and coordination.


Suitable for youngsters aged 11-14, Titan classes provide students with more advanced movements of Judo. These classes run three times a week and assist in the development of physical preparation for adult judo classes.

Want to learn more about the benefits of martial arts for your child? Contact Senshi today to see what classes will suit your budding champion.