Judo is one of the most widely practiced sports in the world. Judo is often described as addictive, challenging and like physical chess – and people love it. What makes Judo so unique is that it is based on respect and accountability. You will learn to defend yourself while minimising harm. At Senshi Academy we offer Judo classes for kids and adults that fast-track development. In our Judo classes you will develop a sense of athleticism and mental capacity you cannot compare, that is unique to Judo and our pioneering method of training. If you’re looking for an effective Judo class Melbourne, taught by skilled professionals with decades of experience, then our classes are right for you.

What makes Judo so appealing is that anyone (women, men, children) can learn. Developed in Japan by an eminent jiu jitsu master, the key principle behind Judo is “to make the most efficient use of mental and physical energy”. In Judo you learn to use your opponent’s weight against them, which requires learning technique, balance and coordination to overcome brute strength. We encourage students to extend this principle of maximum efficiency into their daily activities, evolving your practice into a holistic approach to life called “the gentle way”. Judo is a solid base for all kinds of mixed martial arts practice and incredible workout with many physical and mental benefits.

You get really fit

Judo is a whole body workout that doesn’t feel like one! Because you engage technical drills and progressive training from the very first lesson, you are too busy focusing on what you are doing to think about how hard you’re working. Incredible cardio and muscle endurance comes naturally through our training.

It builds confidence

Judo teachers notice a difference in students’ confidence after just a few months. Judo teaches students to keep calm under pressure. Judo is helpful for overcoming our flight or fight responses, by acclimatising students to real-life challenges in a safe and supportive environment.

It’s good for the mind

Martial arts is well known for improving attention and focus, but Judo in particular relies on complex problem solving that has been compared to chess. Being aware of your body and how you’re positioned is one of the most essential aspects of the sport. The emphasis on movement and technique creates a stimulating sport that makes students feel prepared for anything.

So are you ready for your first Judo class? We offer adult and kid classes throughout the week at our new upgraded facility. Call us now to get your mind and body fit.