You may have seen our previous blog on the health benefits of boxing, but they truly are never ending! For all your boxing training Melbourne-wide facts, Senshi has you covered.

If you are in the same boat as other beginners, then boxing may be just a physical sport for you that is all about mass building. But that’s not the case. Boxing is the ultimate stress-reliever! Yes, you read that right. More than half of Australians claim that stress affects physical health, which can be treated with a daily dose of boxing.

It is great for cardiovascular, mental, and physical health, but that is not all. Here are some surprising health benefits that may make you wish you had joined boxing training earlier!

Boxing Helps Develop Abs

Are you enthusiastic about developing functional and aesthetic abs? Then boxing is for you! There is a common misconception that has misled a lot of beginners, and that is that boxing is merely an arms workout. If you are going to practice boxing without any supervision, you may end up doing more harm than good to your body. But when you box with a trainer and with a proper form, it can turn out to be a great core workout.

Boxing Improves Bone Health

Do you know doctors suggest boxing to older adults for osteoporosis? We know this may be surprising, but boxing is one of the best ways to improve bone health. When your hands and arms are met with force, it stimulates the bones to mineralize and strengthen. This reduces the risk of developing bone-related health diseases, and in some cases, it can even reverse the condition.

Boxing Relieves Stress

People practice different ways to relieve stress. It could be listening to music, cold therapy, or meditation but nothing beats letting it out on a punching bag. Boxing is a great way to let out your energy in a safe environment, minimize stress, and maximize the mental and physical health benefits.

Boxing Helps Build Shoulder Boulders

If you are conscious about fitness and desire to have an athletic bod, boxing is the best workout. It helps in building shoulder muscles. This is no surprise that deltoids get highly worked out during boxing. A few months into training, you will notice your shoulders are a stand-out feature in your body. It is not about your muscle contraction, but it is more about the type of contractions that count the most!

Boxing Improves Heart and Lung Health

Cardio-respiratory health benefits of boxing are one of the most talked-about benefits. Why is that so? Because boxing is a complete workout! It involves working on each body muscle, and not a minute goes away when your heart and lungs are not doing extra work to continuously provide oxygenated blood while you smash out a boxing workout.

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